Thursday, June 28, 2007

True Colors Shining Through

Apparently black and white comics don't sell nearly as well as Color comics. I guess it's the same thing with movies. I really don't see why it should matter, but it apparently does. With that in mind, I've been experimenting with duotone illustrations - black and something warm like an umber or something. It more or less ends up looking like a sepia toned image, which isn't really a look I want to use. I think more experimenting is in order. I don't think anyone is reading this blog, but if you are, leave me a comment and let me know about your preference for color or black and white.

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Jennifer B. said...

Well, I think Seth does a fine job with the duotone images - it can really create a mood. You know, you've read the blue It's a Good Life if you don't Weaken. And same goes for the greens in the greedy tale of Wimbledon Green. But I think you could try doing more than one colour scheme in the same book/story. Oranges and blues seem to be what you're comfortable with, and you use them so well. I'd like to seem some, anyway.