Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3d or not 3d

I've recently been working on creating a portfolio of 3d work due to a potential job. It's something I've mostly taught myself and I haven't done it in a while so I'm a little rusty. CG is a wierd thing, it's so very technical that you can sort of lose yourself in the process and work for hours and hours without really noticing. That's a good thing, particularly if you have alot of work to do. The problem, i think, is that you can also get lost in the technical detail and sort of let the artistic aspects slip a little. It's a wierd thing, negotiating with yourself over the merits of some artistic aspect versus some technial hurdle.


Jennifer B. said...

Let's see some pics please.
Do you ever find yourself compromising "artistic merit" to make things a little easier, or vice versa when doing this 3D stuff?

David Gale said...

What software do you use?

Funny little article about 3D from Vice:


Scott Keating said...

Hehe, that article is pretty damned funny actually. Right on the money, I'd say. I've been using 3dsmax, since its what I know the most. I've been screwing around with Blender, but it's a bit archaic.