Friday, May 18, 2007

Nike Had It Right

I don't really know much about how to get your big break in comics or your big break in anything for that matter. The only thing I've learned during my brief time in the industry is that people respond to work and not much else. I guess what I mean is that people want to see what you can do, not that you WANT to do it. So, if you're interested in making comics, well, make a comic. Want to make a movie? Make a movie. If your work is good, people will respond to it. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll get published or your movie will hit the big time, but it does mean that people will see that you're serious about what you do. It's actually alot of work to draw or write a comic or film a movie or paint a picture or whatever. Once you've completed it, you're already way ahead of most people who want to "Break In."

So, on that note, here's a matte painting I've been working on. It's sort of for a competition over at but it's also just something I'm interested in. What better way to find out if it's something I'd like to do for a living than just doing it? This isn't really finished yet, but it's getting there.

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